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About Frank

Frank Monahan is the President & CEO of Rocket Science Productions, author, and motivational speaker. Frank’s career includes scientist, Lab Director, Marketing Executive, and entrepreneur.

Graduating from Penn State in the late 70’s with a degree in Microbiology, Frank climbed the scientific ladder until he reached Marketing.  He left the sciences to work in several marketing and advertising firms as an executive before becoming the CEO and President of his own multi-media publishing company, Rocket Science Productions.

Frank began writing his children’s book series, Stanley and Norman (www.stanleyandnorman.com), 10 years ago, inspired by the antics of his own basset hounds.  He immediately began touring elementary schools across the country, giving readings and talking to the children about the importance of reading and about the writing process.  Frank got into publishing books, magazine, and music shortly after his first book was written and has published dozens of writers and musicians.

And now Frank is ready to share his lifetime experiences, both in business and everyday life, with a larger audience.  In his new book, There is Hope: Living By and Encouraging the Golden Rule, he discusses a wide range of topics relating to the art of respect, both for oneself and for those around you.  Frank is very passionate about the theme of respect, and with his lifetime of experiences and successes to draw from, he has a lot to share about this valuable subject.

There is HOPE: Living By and Encouraging the Golden Rule

There is HOPE: Living By and Encouraging the Golden Rule is a journey – a journey of lessons learned, lessons practiced, and lessons imparted to others about the simple concept of RESPECT.  Many people believe that respect has been lost; lost forever in the ether of social media, TV and movies, even in real life situations like school, work, and community.

Frank Monahan is here to tell you there is hope…that respect manifests itself all around, even in places you least expect.  Join this journey with Frank Monahan as he highlights the challenges of personal interactions today, ways to cope with disrespect, and how you can encourage the Golden Rule in others!

Treat Others As You Would Like To Be Treated!


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