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Mr. Monahan is a dynamic and inclusive speaker, one who the audience will immediately bond with and absorb the importance of the subject.  He honed his craft through addressing corporate meetings, presenting his children’s books to children of all ages, and now through this important program.  Participants have said they understand better now how their actions with others can have a positive, productive outcome simply by respecting the other’s position.


“Living and Encouraging the Golden Rule.”

Inspired by Frank Monahan’s new book, There is HOPE: Living and Encouraging the Golden Rule, this talk focuses on:

  • Events that lead to differences between individuals.
  • What is happening in the world today that discourages respect?
  • How can we improve the situation?

“Living and Encouraging the Golden Rule – for Young People.”

This talk is aimed at high school students. Schools themselves are a high dynamic interaction between many people who all have a common goal. This talk shows how ‘respect’ can be used as a tool to further all students education and prepare teens for their future. Mr. Monahan can also talk about the importance of self-respect – an important message for young adults – and how it goes hand in hand with everyday interactions students deal with.

“What is My Role in Helping the World Be Better?”

This talk is about an individual view on the ‘Golden Rule’.

What can be done at the micro-local level to encourage respect, cooperation, and overall symbiosis between people?

“Living and Encouraging the Golden Rule for the Workplace”

This simple message is at the core of every work interaction.

  • This talk is aimed toward every age and discipline of your employees, and is often used to help your team or groups within your team to interact with each other respectfully.
  • Being aware of each other’s needs is the first step toward productive interaction in the workplace.
  • Mr. Monahan has extensive experience and success addressing work groups and adjusts the talk for your specific team or group.

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